Lauren "Red" brown



Even as a little girl, Red loved a good party; it had all of her favorite elements: good food, good drink and good company.

As she grew, so did her passion for good times, which led her to become a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and work for the ultimate lifestyle expert: Martha Stewart. Within her 5 years at Martha as a food editor and brand manger, Red cultivated an eye for beauty, quality-made goods, fine cheese and a passion for passing on great finds to others. Wanting to return more closely to food, she studied lovingly making yogurt by hand at White Moustache in Brooklyn; developing and launching the whey program as the Head of Operations and New Business. Always up for a party, she spent two years producing events around the country for food and beverage clients and now plans weddings around the Hudson Valley and New York City.

Red's taken her vast culinary and entertaining experience and transformed it into one 1/2 of Red & Brown. The products they produce, the parties they plan and the partnerships they develop are a direct connection to her passion for high-quality handcrafted goods and sharing great ideas with others.

Skills aside: Red is always down for a theme party and, like Liz Lemon, she feels that a solid sandwich is the great unifier of humanity.


Jake "Brown" Brown



Brown's road from the countryside to the city has been paved with revelations. The first time he tried an Ithaca Beer Co. Flower Power IPA was an eye opener to the world of beer that lay beyond things with the word "lite" or "ice" on the label. When he moved to NYC and had his first Manhattan at a lounge in the East Village his mind was blown; cocktails could be more than vodka + juice, and actually had complexity and flavor. Ever since then, Brown has been on a borderline insatiable quest to find, drink, and make as many classic and original cocktails, craft beers, and other libations as possible. Seeking out places that pour the best drinks out there became a daily quest.

By day he navigates the world of advertising, with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and social media strategy. In his spare time, he's now honed his focus to cocktail history and how it influences what we drink nowadays. Brown loves seeking out small batch spirits and craft beers at their sources whenever possible, and then riffing on them for drinks at home and for events. He has catered and developed beverage menus for everything from art gallery openings to weddings; custom cocktails, beer selections, and pairings are his forte. 

Brown's go-to drink is a Negroni, and he's not interested in your rules on when it's appropriate to drink brown liquor (hint: always).

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