Red and Brown  

Hi, we're Red and Brown.

We're excited to bring you on adventures through our everyday experiences. Currently, we live in Brooklyn, but enjoy traveling near and far to experience what the locals dig in food, drink, style, design, and whatever piques our interest. We enjoy a good dive bar, picnics, kitchen projects (or really any project that includes making something with our hands), spending Sunday afternoons cooking, markets, well-crafted goods, antiques, and books.


Red got her start at the C.I.A. (that's Culinary Institute of America, not the "other CIA"). With an equal passion for pastry and writing she aspired to be a food journalist and entered into the heart of the handmade at Martha Stewart Living. In the food department she developed her taste for "good things" and an impeccable eye for quality in cooking, cocktails, dining, entertaining, and DIY. Her thirst for travel has taken her as far as Spain and Italy, as well as across the U.S. in search of the best American makers, making friends and gaining inspiration along the way. Red's entrepreneurial spirit led her to start a side business, spoon'd, which creates wizardry delivered via ice cream. (editor's note: Brown is especially fond of the maple bacon flavor known as The Lumberjack Special) She appreciates a good bourbon, a ripe tomato, and long drives through the mountains. The name "Red" is a childhood nickname pointing to her hair. Her mother was "Big Red" and she was (and continues to be) "Little Red".


Brown was always a child with a natural curiosity for how the world works. Many a scar started as a question of what lay inside items like televisions, furniture, radios, and rocks. Signs pointed to his "uniqueness" when he was found biting a tree after having seen a documentary on survival techniques, which including eating bark for nutrients. From there, he became newspaper photographer and backpacking guide in college, driving him further outdoors and covering stories ranging from forest fires to county fairs. He fancies himself an amateur barkeep, having developed his skills at a student pub while studying in Sweden. In grad school Brown started cooking more from scratch, surrounded by the fresh meats and vegetables in the Italian grocers of Boston's North End and the Haymarket on weekends. Taking his style cues from equal parts Frank Sinatra and the Brawny Man, Brown's interests run from fashion, to beer, to a handmade project like lamps, pocket squares or just a mean chili. The name comes from his actual last name, not too original but effective.

Check back soon for recipes, travel guides, crafts, how-tos, and the best new and old finds. In the meantime you can follow our adventures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.