Sunrise Stack We've gotten pretty good around here with using leftovers in creative ways, especially when it means making a great breakfast the next morning. It's become a healthy competition to see who can break the fast with the best re-imagining of the previous night's ingredients to start off a lazy Sunday right. You recall Red's delicious chile verde carnitas? We'll they make for a pretty damn good way to wake up too. Using a corn muffin as the base, this dish becomes slightly more Southern U.S. than south of the border, and I'll use any excuse to put a fried egg on something. For maximum deliciousness I strongly encourage using an over easy egg; a runny yolk turns this stack up to 11. Serve with a Bloody Mary or Michelada, read and try to ignore the morning's headlines, and debate where the best spot is to take your impending siesta.

Sunrise Stacks Makes 1 stack

1        Corn cake (we like Thomas' Toast-R-Cakes, but a 1/2 corn muffin works too) 1/3    Cup chile verde carnitas 1        Heaping tablespoon sour cream Oil 1        Egg Salt and Pepper to taste

Toast corn cake in toaster oven until golden and crisp.

Heat leftover chile verde in a micowave or skillet until hot.

Meanwhile in a small skillet, heat oil or butter in a pan and fry egg to your desired doneness.

Once toasted, place the corn cake on a plate, evenly stack with chile verde, sour cream, and top with egg. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with your favorite hot sauce or salsa. (Note: hot sauce is an extreme point of contention in the Red and Brown household with Red favoring Texas Pete's, and Brown being a diehard Frank's Red Hot loyalist. We leave it to you to dress your stack appropriately). --Brown