A young apple tree yields the first fruits of the season at Brown's parents' house. How is it already September? We woke up this morning and suddenly summer was over (by white pants-wearing standards).

This has certainly been one of the busier summers in recent history for both of us, with a grand total of 3 weekends spent home relaxing. While we enjoy the produce, cold drinks and long sunny days of summer, we anxiously await our favorite season: fall.

Who could blame us? Fall rivals spring in the way it represents new beginnings. Getting back to a routine, fond memories of going back to school, leaves changing the landscape into a beautiful artist's palette, and most importantly, the turning of temperatures to "sweater weather". The list goes on: richer, maltier seasonal beers, hearty one-pot meals (especially chili), tailgating, clam chowder, Sunday Funday, apples, (more) bourbon drinks, squash. It's the second "new year" and time to make a change.

We won't rush it though....too much. For now we're on the back porch of Browns' parents' home blissfully enjoying the last of the season's tomatoes. We've got our cardigan's at the ready, but there are still a few ears of corn left to be shucked and a dip in the lake to be had. --Red & Brown