Salami! For National Salami Day we decided to wax poetic about a delicious artisinal version we got as a part of our latest Mantry shipment; Creminelli Tartufo Salami. Handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah, Creminelli Fine Meats produces salamis and deli meats from all natural products in the traditional Italian style, by a family that's been producing the good stuff "as far back as the 1600's according to family legend."

We brought this meaty treat when we visited Brown's parents and their initial reaction was that it smells like a barnyard, not in a good way. This is due to the salami's casing, which has a white culture that's part of the curing process. You can eat it if you like, but we peeled the it off so the smell didn't interfere with the amazing taste. Inside was a rich, unctuous salami with good marbling, and spicy notes of black pepper. The black summer truffle was noticeable but not overpowering; this is a refined flavor that's a far cry from the overused truffle oils you find in every Italian bistro under the sun. It's perfect for a fall picnic with some good honey and a nutty Parmagianno or Pecorino. Resign yourself to eating the whole thing because it's gonna happen and that's ok. --Red & Brown

Creminelli Fine Meats