blanca baag  

Last night, Red and I were fortunate enough to have dinner at Blanca, a 12 seat, 2 seating-per-night culinary wonderland in Bushwick hidden in the back of the Roberta's compound. While it's impossible to recount every detail (partially due to an amazing wine pairing), there were some clear favorites for us. We wished we had photos to share, but one of the conditions of accepting a seat is that there are no cell phones or pictures allowed, a welcome respite from the photo-crazed food world.

A littleneck clam served with a clam juice and butter granita blew our minds. The 6-piece crudo plate offered fish prepared in their most natural and delicious state.  Beef with turnips and kohlrabi broth was a sweet, rich and bitter balance of flavors that was perfectly paired with a sherry, which will be getting dusted off from our bar and put into good use this season. Housemade pancetta melted in your mouth. A single nduja agnolotti brought a delicious and creamy heat. Pasta with krill tasted like a swim in the ocean at sunrise. Freshly made Hawaiian rolls served along housemade butter were a warm and sweet-satly mid-meal treat.   And crispy garlic chicken put our favorite comfort foods to shame.

Out of the 27 courses of one to two-bite dishes, there wasn't a dud in the house, but the stars of the evening were a perfectly seared piece of Wagu strip steak and a gelato made with Salvatore Bklyn's smoked ricotta. If you're lucky enough to snag a reservation and have something to celebrate, we highly recommend whiling away the better part of three hours with your favorite person surrounded by a transformative dining experience. --Brown