Fire Cider Although people have long turned to apple cider vinegar for its medicinal benefits, there has been a recent resurgence of its use for digestive health. One of our favorites is Fire Cider, based on a traditional New England recipe of raw apple cider vinegar and honey.

They've taken a twist on the original  by adding a blend of organic roots and fruits, including habanero peppers, making a spicy, but well-rounded tonic. Their website suggests using it in salad dressings or as a mixer in drinks, but I love it straight up as a 2 oz shot to start my day. It helps soothe sinuses, takes the edge off of an oncoming cold, and acts as a daily-wake-me up for digestion; perfect for people like me, who want to stay far away from the medicine aisle. At $12 for 8oz, it isn't exactly cheap, but the prevention this all-natural remedy offers outweighs the cure promised by those over the counter alternatives.-- Red