You know when you just feel like you're running in place, every day feels like groundhog's day and you can't get off of this track to nowhere? This is where everyone should be able to escape to.

My colleague, Yolanda, who I worked with on American Made, and her husband, professional photographer, Matt, own a cabin that's an oasis of peace and quiet. I love the story of the cabin; an inspiring dream for all of those that are determined to get away.

About 10 years ago Matt bought property in Delaware County, NY. As an active hunter, it gave him a place to call his own during hunting season and for two years Yolanda and Matt's home away from home was a 1970s Airsteam. Getting restless for something a little more grounded (and when bathing outside got old), his brother helped him build a bathhouse, that soon turned into a 1 bedroom cabin. Eventually, a floor to ceiling-windowed home was built about an quarter mile away on the same property overlooking a serene landscape and the little cabin.

Recently, Brown and I escaped the city to spend the weekend there. We're both big fans of natural retreats; Brown was a backpacking guide throughout the Northeast and I can never say no to the sound of crickets, the night sky and an open fire. The cabin is beautifully decorated, filled with simple accents that make you feel like you've stepped into the best LL Bean catalog. Included is a list of places to check out in the area as well as a small flask filled with good whiskey and two shot glasses. And the Japanese Tub. My god, the Japanese tub. That's what zen is.

We explored the surrounding towns, venturing to The Heron, Callicoon Farmers' Market and River Brook Farm, had a lovely family-style dinner with Yolanda, Matt and their friends, and roasted our first and last s'mores of the summer (we subbed in our chocolate hazelnut spread for chocolate bars).

Being there for just a short weekend, you realize how little you need to be relaxed and happy: whiskey, coffee, a campfire, and two chairs for stargazing.

Luckily for you, dear reader, they rent out their cabin on the weekends so you can enjoy some R&R too.-- Red