Pockets They say the clothes make the man, but I argue that the things he carries tell a much better story. Taking recent stock of the contents of my pockets I confirmed that I'm a bit of a traditionalist who loves well-made classics with a couple twists. --Brown

(clockwise from top left)

Leatherworks Minnesota Money Clip Wallet

This was given to me by Red, who was gifted this at a makers meet-up at Forage Modern Workshop in Minneapolis. These guys are awesome and make beautifully hand-crafted leather goods. This clip's slim profile is perfect for your front pocket and holds about 6-8 cards and a wad of cash without getting bulky. For a guy who typically carries money clips this is a definite step up. Hold your dough.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

You can go with the classic ChapStick, you can spend $15 on some high-end, small batch stuff, or you can go with Burt's. I have dry lip emergencies more often than Napoleon Dynamite and I love the tingle of the peppermint oil in this (what can I say? It's the little things in life). Get buzzed.

RayBan Wayfarers

Because sometimes it gets sunny and sometimes you just need to look cool. Never Hide here.

Best Made Co. Japanese Higo Knife

I love Swiss Army knives but sometimes you just need something simple. This vintage Japanese design has a single-minded function, to cut things and cut them well. Perfect for opening boxes, slicing meat and cheese at a picnic, and emergency tracheotomies. Be a cut above the rest.

Handkerchief Notebook

Function and form share the spotlight on this one. I know you've gotten used to typing notes on your phone but trust me, carrying a notebook is a habit you need to get back into, and this one looks like a pocket square. Win-win. To be used with your grown man pen (see below) to record thoughtful musings that can't be accidentally deleted. Look good and write well.

Key Bottle Opener

There's no easier way to become a hero than open a bottle for a lady or gentleman. There's also no quicker way to kill a good time than to not be able to open one. Class it up with this design that sits discretely among your other keys. Open up some possibilities.

Timex Weekender

There's a time and a place for a dress watch that costs you a paycheck, but for everyday wear you can't beat the classic look of the Weekender. Plus, c'mon, it's got an Indiglo face and even though you're not a kid anymore there's something awesome about a watch that lights up in the darl. Bonus points for replacement straps that cost less than $10 and come in colors that complement any wardrobe. Don't be late.

Deer Antler Fountain Pen

Recently when asked by a friend what essentials he should have now that he was a grown man (i.e., the ripe old age of 28) I was at a surprising loss. Then it dawned on me. In a digital age where your phone does everything but wipe for you (and I think that's on the next iPhone release), it's nice to go analog now and again. I love having a good pen with some weight to it and a smooth ink flow for when I actually need to sign something or (even better) send a hand-written note. Ditch whatever you got in the office supply closet and class up your writing game. (from Making the Write Turn, in Burrville, NY; email them here.)


I'm pretty sure Apple has a kill switch at HQ that they hit when your phone is more than two models behind. I'm also pretty sure they've done that to me. Time for an upgrade.