Courtesy of: Welcome to 'A Guy Can Dream' (aka 'A Girl Can Dream' in Red's case), where we'll be highlighting our treasures that may not exactly be practical, but are on our list for when we win the lottery. Today's inaugural post centers on a Coach/Billy Reid collaboration destined to make any travel/picnic situation instantly classier. The Kentucky Cocktail Set features a leather carrying case lined with a jacquard print (read: textured; I had to look it up too), 3 leather wrapped hand-blown glass flasks, 2 shot glasses, an Opinel folding knife, cocktail spoon/fork, and cocktail napkin. A far cry from when I tried to woo Red with a picnic surprise of a mason jar of Negronis and a couple of red Solo cups, this kit turns any outdoor drinking scenario into an occasion. And at $600 it should. We'll stick with jars and cups in a tote bag for now, but a guy can dream. --Brown

Coach + Billy Reid Kentucky Cocktail Set