Scout Pack When you hear the name Minnesota what do you think? 10,000 lakes? Midwestern accents? Fried walleye? Rugged hand crafted bags from a 130 year old outfitter? (hint: it should be the last one)

Duluth packs were first made in the late 1800's by Camille Poirier, who began selling them out of his shoe store in Duluth, Minnesota. These square-shaped bags were designed to fit easily in the bottom of a canoe and carry heavy loads while portaging (aka, carrying a canoe on land) through the Boundary Waters. Poirier sold the business in 1911 to what would become the modern-day Duluth Pack Company but other than the name, little has changed since then. Simple and effective, the Scout Pack is big enough to carry a day's worth of gear whether you're trekking between meetings, running errands, or communing with nature. It's slim profile sits lower on your shoulders and, in my opinion, is more comfortable than the backpacks you remember from your school days. Grab one in the waxed canvas style for a great rustic patina, or pick any of their other 16 colors and start carrying your stuff like the well equipped modern-day fur trapper that you are.





Duluth Scout Packs (starting at $115)