I was sitting on the subway earlier this week shuffling my music when it stopped on Booker T. & The MG's Green Onions. You probably know it as that song you know, but don't know what it's called. Or, if you're of a certain age, The Sandlot song. It got me thinking about how many songs are out there that are food based, titled, or themed... which led to a lot of Spotifying, searching, and contemplating it (read: zoning out) on the subway.

Whether it's songs literally talking about food (jonsing for a certain dish or singing about this weekend's clambake), food as sybmolism for sex/body parts (I'm looking at you Warrent, Kelis and every rap song having lollipop or candy in it), loneliness, love, or heartbreak; food as dance crazes, politics or socio-economic statuses, it's very clear that food is a universal connecter to the soul (beyond the fact that "everybody eats").

I personally blame the indoctrination of childrens' food songs to my adult food obsession-- think about it, C is for cookie  (and that’s good enough for all of us as far as I’m concerned), On Top of Spaghetti (covered with cheese) , Pat-A-Cake, I'm a Little Coconut, Nickelodeon's show, Doug, with its rockstar band, The Beets and Killer Tofu, a song able to get stuck in your head for days-but I digress.

Below is a round up of our favorite beets. Follow Adventures in Red and Brown on Spotify and tell us what your favorite food-focused jams are. -- Red