What is really better than brats, beer and a kitchen project? Oktoberfest is the best excuse to have friends over, explore some new brews, do some kitchen DIY-ing, and celebrate the fall. With a little preparation, you can have the best of Germany's party in your living room.

Oktoberfest Party
Oktoberfest Party

MAKE Homemade German Bratwurst?! We know what you're thinking. Crazy, right? We promise it's not. You will need some special equipment for this, namely, a sausage grinder/stuffer, but once you make sausages, you're going to become a sausage freak. It's turned us.

They're sophisticated, but as long as you have a little time on your hands, they are surprisingly easy to do! Plus, if you screw up and find difficultly in stuffing, well, you just made some great sausage patties or gourmet burger mixes, so it's a win-win sitch.

Sure, you could buy buns, but why buy when you can make crave-worthy, awesome Everything Pretzel Buns? Exactly. We thought so.

To go with the brats, serve lots of beer, applesauce, sauerkraut, and some Beer Mustard.

And, as you should aways save room for dessert, try the Black Forest Cake Trifle. It's sweet but is light enough that you won't be put in a food coma.


Homemade German Bratwurst

Everything Pretzel Buns

Beer Mustard

Black Forest Cake Trifle