October 18th kicks off Cider Week here in New York City! To celebrate, we’re toasting the true “brown drink of fall” in all its glory. Check back every day this week for our favorite ciders and recipes. 

Doc's Draft Pumpkin Hard Apple Cider

We'll admit it. We're suckers for your pumpkin-flavored whatever. Latte? Sure. Beer? We'll take three; we're not driving. Muffins, cookies, pies, and soup? Of course. But cider? We approached this one with cautious optimism because we like Doc's Draft's and are happy to report that their fall offering doesn't disappoint. It starts with a sweet pumpkin pie flavor that isn't shy. Nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon fill your palate but fade quickly, replaced by a bracing cider finish that quenches and leaves you wanting another sip. This would be pair well with salty appetizers, spicy Indian or Asian fare, or as a dessert drink. Grab a couple on your way home, put on your Yule log DVD (or pull it up here), and pour yourself a couple of glasses of fall.

Doc's Draft Pumpkin Hard Apple Cider

22 ounces

6% ABV