So, we goofed. We promised you a week's worth of apple cider recipes and after a day of donuts, there weren't any. I blame Kansas City BBQ. For the past week we have been on a 4-city road trip that has been planned since we can't even remember. We took the computer on the road, but with sightseeing, late night cross-Midwest driving, and unexpected work deadline (news to come shortly!), blogging just didn't get done.  We will definitely post more about cider and our trip, but this post isn't about that though. 

When we walked in the door from the airport last night, 100 pound bags in hand, I opened my mailbox and was so excited to find the new Cake&Whiskey magazine there!

Cake&Whiskey Magazine October 2013

I found out about Megan Smith's  Cake&Whiskey not too long ago and immediately fell in love with the independent mag dedicated to the "sweet and spirited world of business". Its articles of (somewhat female-focused) small businesses are interesting, empowering, and relatable, with an urban salt monger, India Hicks, female BBQ pitmasters, and the couple that owns The Peach Truck (among others) just in this issue! Naturally, I was thrilled when Vanessa Eleyse, the beauty expert known as The Beauty Fairy, asked me to participate in a story for fall.

Vanessa and I worked together on a cooking show a few years back when I was the messenger pigeon from the main office to the studio. For an hour a day, I'd take a walk and hang out around the lounge room, which conveniently fit a couch between the makeup table and stylist closet (filled with some of my favorite people). With my downtime coinciding with lunch, Vanessa and I would eat and talk, becoming friends and she, my go-to for all things beauty (editors note that I love to gush about: Vanessa also did all of the makeup on Orange is the New Black).

Lauren Tempera in Cake&Whiskey magazine The Beauty Fairy

I've learned that there's generally the makeup you know, the makeup you think you know, and the makeup that you think you can never do. The "never" is where I was wrong: there's only makeup you need to make your ownVanessa is all about empowering her clients to feel their best and having their makeup be an expression of it. Her article in this month's Cake&Whiskey is the perfect example of that.

Vanessa doing Red's makeup The Beauty Fairy Cake&Whiskey

She choose 3 women, all with different backgrounds and makeup routines (or lack thereof), and took trends right off of fall's runway and onto our faces. The photo she showed me of her cat eye inspiration was bold and full- to be honest, I was a bit nervous to walk around the office with it after. Vanessa took the essence of that model's bold cat eye and transformed it to just my style. It was a great day and night look that I have been recreating since (just look at my About Me photo). Plus, she tipped me off that gel liner, like the Bobbi Brown gel liner she used on me, was the way to go and what she preferred- unlike other liners, it doesn't smodge from sweat or natural oils (see? The makeup you think you know).

Red Cake&Whiskey The Beauty Fairy

This was such a great shoot to be apart of as 1/2 of Red & Brown and I encourage all ladies to step out of their makeup boxes and magazines subscriptions this fall. Try out those fall beauty trends this weekend, find out more awesome ideas from Vanessa herself at The Beauty Fairy Diaries and definitely pick up Cake&Whiskey.-- Red