stack With Halloween less than a week away, this weekend is probably going to be dedicated to putting the finishing details on your costume (or maybe finding one), some pumpkin carving, or more than likely, going to or throwing your own Halloween party. In any case, you should make your own Halloween candy. You'll be the star of any gathering (and can butter up those judges to win that costume contest), because who doesn't like candy?

It's easier to make than you think. Most of these candies simply require melting chocolate and quickly mixing a filling into it, taking only about an hour or so from start to finish (with freezing times). Plus, it's kind of badass to see all 5 candies lined up, handmade, and 1-upping those big company versions.

I started into this candy-making journey after seeing them made on Chow a few years ago. Every year I'd say I was going to experiment and never did. Recently, we were talking to Brown's parents about favorite Halloween candy and his dad and I agreed how much we love Krackle. This began a discussion between Brown and I about our most loved Halloween candies and I thought this was the perfect moment for a kitchen project.-- Red

Check out our 5 homemade candies that show their wrapped originals a thing or two:

Peanut Butter Bites Mr. Greatbars Peppermint Patties Snap Krackle Pop Bars Buttercrunch Bars