Hot and Spicy SpamSpam. When the name's not conjuring up images of unwanted email, it inevitably makes you think of squishy processed meat product. This spiced ham delight has gotten a bad rap over the years and aside from Hawaiians, Red and I, it seems like no one gives it its due. Well today I'm making the case that this little can of pig parts should be a pantry staple, especially now that it comes in Hot & Spicy flavor. As the son of a Minnesota mom, my childhood was filled with hotdish (casserole for you outsiders), my favorite of which was Spam hotdish: a mix of the eponymous meat, cream of mushroom soup, and chow mein noodles. In a fit of nostalgia I bought a tin last year and fried it up for breakfast sandwiches to fortify us for a day of apple picking. Red winced at the thought but after one bite she was a convert and we had a new weekend favorite on our hands. This stuff is like cheater's chorizo and is particularly useful for breakfast. For a great sandwich, slice the Spam thinly and fry it in a cast iron pan until it's crisp on both sides (about 3 minutes per side). Put it between two slices of toast with a nice runny egg, some cheese (we prefer cheddar or Manchego if you want to go hi-brow/lo-brow), and plenty of napkins. The outer crust provides a great texture and the spiciness is just the right level to kick-start your day. You could also cube it and crisp it for omelets, breakfast tacos, hash, or quiche. You may roll your eyes reading this but just try it and I'll bet you'll be making space on your shelf and on your shopping list. Soon you'll be like us, counting the days until Saturday morning, a nice cup of coffee, and your new favorite breakfast. --Brown

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