Celebrating the romance and pioneering spirit of the Roaring 20's, Prohibition Distillery in Roscoe, NY, isn't where you'd think to look for a world-class spirits producer. Situated in an old fire house, they make Bootlegger Vodka, one of the smoothest pours around, and are working on a gin recipe, among others. The space offers tours Thursday through Monday, which are comfortably informal and great for geeking out and asking questions about the distilling process.

After a recent tour, Red and I were invited to the tasting room where we sampled the vodka straight and as part of a McClure's Bloody Mary. Both are highly recommended; this is a smooth sipper that, in the words of our host, doesn't give you that cringing "vodka face." Booze and beer always taste better when you have them directly from the source, and hearing the story from the enthusiastic entrepreneurs making it all happen only enhanced our enjoyment. We learned that the product's labels are reproductions of the old prescription pads that doctors would use to prescribe booze as a fixative or tonic (a Prohibition loophole); a clever nod to the times and tradition that the spirits represent. This is creative touch is not lost on us. Bootlegger Vodka has become a permanent fixture in our self-medication cabinet, and is destined to be one in yours too. --Brown

Check out the Prohibition Distillery site for news, tours, and distribution information.