When you think of barrel-aged beers you probably imagine high-alcohol, dark, heavy brews that you almost have to chew. Don't get me wrong, I love those beers but sometimes you want the flavors without the fullness. Enter Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, a lighter pour with the distinctive vanilla, caramel, and oaky notes you so crave. Previously, I had to rely on a family connection in Kentucky to get this once-yearly treat but it's recently started popping up in NYC, so Christmas now comes year-round. A sweet, lightly spicy nose gives way to a smooth golden ale that works well as a before dinner sipper or pairing with dessert. We'd even suggest trying it with a scoop of ice cream for an adult float that's the perfect way to end an evening. --Brown

Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company Kentucky Bourbon Ale (Lexington, KY)

12 oz

8.19% ABV

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