The holidays are always an exciting time filled with family, friends, love, and joy... ....and celebrations.

AHeirloom Red & Brown Cocktail Kit

We're doing a bit of our own celebrating this holiday season by premiering our very FIRST Red & Brown products! As people that love a good party and know their way around a cocktail shaker, we jumped at the chance to partner with AHeirloom when they told us they were debuting their personalized wooden muddlers.

Chances are you know them for their beloved state-shaped cutting boards. We're so excited to team up with such creative and skilled makers as Amy and Bill to bring you the ultimate home bar package.  Featuring their beautiful muddlers in two types of wood (that can be personalized with the initials of your choice), 1 of 4 varieties of our cocktail cherries, and our cocktail nuts, it's the 100% handcrafted artisan cocktail kit that's bound to raise your spirits and get the party started.

We like to think it's the perfect gift for amateur mixologists, cocktail aficionados, the newly engaged or married, hosts and hostesses (with the mostest), new home/apartment owners---basically anyone on your gift list that appreciates a solid drink. Or maybe just for yourself.

Tired of the sub-par cherries out there that we've been using for cocktails and desserts, Red did some experimenting and hit the jackpot with 4 upgraded flavors that will enhance any old fashioned and be the literal cherry on top that you've been looking for:

 All-Purpose Cherries: a refined the maraschino cherry simply by letting it be what it was meant to be. Perfect for any occasion that calls for a cherry on top: sundaes, milkshakes, Shirley Temples, and of course cocktails.

Old Fashioned Cherries: The tried and true flavors of an old fashioned cocktail are channeled into these little beauties. A serious upgrade to use in its namesake cocktail or anything else you may be mixing up.

Bourbon Cherries: Bourbon fans unite! Hints of caramel and vanilla help enhance any cocktail, while the liquid makes for a great mixer with its sweet kick.

Kentucky Breakfast Cherries: We'd like to think that this is the ideal way to start the day. New York State cherries get a buzz from fresh ground Brooklyn-roasted coffee and some southern hospitality with the addition of Kentucky bourbon.

If you're not excited yet, first check your pulse and then realize that the packages also includes Brown's recipe of sweet, spicy, smoky cocktail walnuts made with organic maple syrup from his home up in the North Country of New York. Now it's a party.

Head over to AHeirloom's website and pick one up before they're gone! These are a limited run and once they're gone you'll have to wait until next cherry season to get in on the good stuff.