It's Thanksgiving Eve and that means you're either traveling or getting ready to start drinking (we'll assume you're getting ready to have a cocktail since you're reading this). Remember that pumpkin pie whiskey you made a couple weeks back? While it's delicious straight up, it also makes some pretty great cocktails. After much experimentation, we found that a simple three-ingredient libation stole the show. The secret ingredient? Stone's Original Green Ginger Wine. Red gave it to me as a gift from a trip to Jamaica, but most well-stocked liquor stores will have it. If not, you can always mix with ginger ale and lose the club soda. -- Brown

The Ginger Jack

In a pint glass or mixing glass add some ice, the whiskey and ginger wine and stir.

Strain into a rocks glass with one large ice cube. Top with club soda, give it a gentle stir and serve.

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