Happy New Year! For many of us, today was the first day back at work in a while. Shaking off the brain cobwebs and combing through our in-boxes made us realize how much we'd accomplished in 2013 and is making us excited for all of the potential that 2014 holds. As a first good sign, we were featured on the Martha Steward Living Blog by the American Made team. It's always an honor when people are interested in what we're doing and the interview got us inspired to make some positive  changes in our personal and professional lives this year.

We're resolving to:

Eat More Fish - Red turned Brown into a pretty decent flexitarian in 2013 (considering his diet before that consisted of meat, cheese, coffee, and beer), but we're both hoping to hone our seafood cooking skills and appreciation.

Schedule More Down Time - between starting a business, planning a wedding, and holding down our day jobs this year will be rewarding and hectic. We want to recognize when it's time to shut off and will be actually planning some "do nothing" time into our schedules to stay fresh (and sane).

Schedule More in General - Sure, our phones do a million and one things, including schedule appointments, reminders, etc., but we're going old school this year. 2014 planners will be at least half-off anywhere you go today so we're picking up a couple to keep us on track.

Listen More - If our adventures in 2013 have taught us anything it's that everyone has a story to tell and most of them are more interesting than you could ever imagine. We learned from organic farmers, world travelers, makers, stylists, photographers, local artists and shopkeepers and have tried to incorporate a little bit of their collective wisdom and experiences in everything we do. We hope to share more of their stories and knowledge with you this year.

What are your resolutions? Let us know what you resolve to do and be in the new year and how you plan to make 2014 your best to date! --Red and Brown.