Drinking and driving = not good. Drinking and traveling = very good. As with most of our favorite things, travel bar sets took hold in the golden age of travel in the 50's and 60's when taking a flight meant dressing up (not taking your shoes and belt off at security) and driving somewhere was more about roadside diners than $5/gallon gas. Being on the road was no excuse not to have a proper drink, and we think that principle still holds true today. Red and I have been on the lookout for a travel set forever and have come across not one but two beauties during recent foraging adventures in St. Louis and northern New York. travel-bar-set The first we road tested at our friends' Thanksgiving party back in November, where it was the primary dispensary for our Ginger Jack cocktails. The second, dear friends, is up for grabs at our Etsy store, Shop Red and Brown, and is just waiting to help fuel your next adventure.


Whether you're loading up an Airstream for a cross country road trip or headed to the park for a picnic, nothing says you've arrived like a freshly mixed martini. --Brown