Luckies-Scratch-Map Red and I love to travel as much as possible, and we're big on hitting new spots that neither of us have explored. While we always bring back tchotchkes from our adventures it's nice to have an ever-present reminder of all the fun we've had in the different places we've visited. Enter Luckies Scratch Map. A step up from putting colored push pins into the places you've been, this lottery scratch-off style map gives you the satisfaction of literally crossing places off your list. In addition to their world map they've also got a US Edition, a Deluxe Edition, and a Gourmet Edition that lets you track your gastronomic adventures with regional European cuisines. While our adventures have been keeping us in the states lately we're looking forward to making some serious scratches in the fall, when we plan to head to Europe for our our honeymoon. --Brown

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