Evil-Twin-Even-More-Denmark It's not often that a grocery store gets its own beer from an amazing craft brewery, but Denmark's Evil Twin Brewing seems to be into that kind of thing. The first we encountered was their Imperial Biscotti Break with chili and hazelnut, made for DeCicco Family Markets. Now they're at it again for the opening of Third & 3rd, the new Brooklyn Whole Foods, teaming up with Danish chocolatiers Chocopologie (more Denmark, get it?). It's got a mineral, smoky nose, that gives way to a rich, malty flavor that's unsurprisingly very cocoa nib forward. As the taste lingers you begin to pick up the smoked chestnuts that the label touts, making this a pleasantly comforting, lightly carbonated sipper that's perfect for this time of year. While it's not exactly a good pair for main dishes, the stout would go well with a fruit and cheese plate, or to end your evening with dessert. Grab your reusable bag, get on your fixed speed, and head over to Third & 3rd to grab a couple of these and hunker down with a friend until this whole winter thing blows over. --Brown

Evil Twin Brewing Even More Denmark

22 oz

10% ABV

Check out Evil Twin's website here.