Chinese-New-Year-Super-BowlIt's the year of the horse according to the Chinese zodiac; fitting considering we're rooting for the Broncos for this weekend's showdown. Never content to pass up an opportunity to make food and throw a party, we've combined Chinese New Year with the Super Bowl for your snacking pleasure. Incorporating elements of lucky foods (like tangerines) and symbols (the color red and the number three) Red has created some delicious Asian-influenced takes on traditional football fare. Like buffalo chicken dip? Wait until you try it with sriracha and peanuts. Ribs get the takeout treatment with a sweet and sticky tangerine sauce. And why should noodles have all the fun when nachos are clearly the better option for tailgating from your couch? We swapped fried wontons in for tortilla chips and make a rich meat sauce that will have you wondering why you've been relying on salsa and cheese all these years. Check out the recipes below.

 Spicy Asian Chicken Dip

Tangerine Sticky Ribs

Dan Dan Nachos