Tonight's the kick off to the Olympics and although it is in Russia this year, we're taking it back... way back: to ancient Greece. An important ingredient in Greek history and culture, Honey is the center of our cocktail. We took a twist on the classic Greek drink Rakomelo, which features honey brandy, and took it to new heights. The nerds that we are for food history and mythology, it turns out honey is also the main ingredient for Ambrosia, the food of the gods thought to bring immortality. And the Olympics, it is said, began as an honor to Zeus, the king of the gods, which not only brings us back full circle, but also explains the egg whites: clouds.  Celebrate one of the few world-wide cultural events with a toast to where it all began. If you're enjoying this winter weather, this drink can easily be enjoyed hot-- just leave out the egg white when heating the remainder of ingredients. 

Olympic Ambrosia

Olympus Ambrosia Makes 1 Cocktail 1            Tablespoon Honey 1/4        teaspoon Cinnamon 2 oz       Brandy 1/2 oz   Pomegranate Juice 1/2 oz   Port 1            Egg White Whole Ice Cubes

Combine first 6 ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for about 5-8 seconds.

Add the ice and continue to shake harder and faster, until the cocktail shaker is ice cold to the touch.

Strain the cocktail into a coupe glass (although martini works too) and serve.