blood-oranges-2 We're in the thick of it; blood orange season that is. I love these little ruby-hued citrus that come every year, typically between December and March. They have a slightly more fruit forward taste that can sometimes finish with a stronger acidity than regular oranges (it's hard to describe but you'll know it when you taste it). What's more is that their distinctive color is actually an indicator of higher levels of antioxidants, which make them better for you. These characteristics make them a great switcheroo for any situation that normally calls for an orange. You can generally find them at Whole Foods or other specialty/organic markets; larger grocery stores will sometimes carry them too. Grab a couple today and try them out in our sparkling cocktail, or with some of our suggestions below. If you think of any inventive ways to use them be sure to share your pics on our Facebook page. --Brown


My Bloody Valentine

Serves 1

  • 1 oz blood orange juice (10 average sized oranges yield about 2 cups of juice)
  • 1/2 oz St. Germain
  • 3 oz sparkling wine


  • Juice your oranges and be sure to filter out the pulp and skin.
  • In a champagne flute pour in the sparkling wine. Add a splash of blood orange juice and top it off with the St. Germain. Stir very gently a couple of times so you don't make the sparkling wine foam up and serve.


Other Uses

  • Juice them and drink them straight, no chaser
  • Muddle a blood orange slice and use it in place of a regular orange in an Old Fashioned cocktail
  • Add a slice to a cup of hot tea for a nice winter warmer
  • Toss them in a salad with bitter greens, walnuts, and blue cheese
  • Mix segments in with yogurt for a colorful start to your day