We'd love to say that we gave up blogging for Lent, but unfortunately that's just not the case. Red and I have been busy finalizing details around our upcoming nuptials and some longer-term business and life planning. Also, Red's started a new gig at White Moustache Yogurt, which is helping hone her food production skills and keep the good people of NYC supplied with deliciously creamy old-world yogurt. But all excuses aside, we've got some big things coming that we can't wait to share with you.

Easter brunch is our place this year, with all signs pointing to a southern BBQ feast for the ages. Stay close to our Instagram feed to see what makes it to the table. We're also loving the return of fresh produce to the farmers' markets as we've spent a lot of time doing recipe development this winter and are eagerly testing things out with some in-season goodies. May brings Rampfest in Hudson, NY where we'll help celebrate one of the most coveted (overhyped?) foraged foodstuffs out there. And then on to summer....

So there you have it; we're caught up. Spring has sprung. April showers bring May flowers. Insert additional cliché here. We're off to do some fun stuff and we hope you can join us on our next adventures. --Brown