Getting our hands on some Cheerwine was one of the best thing to happen to us recently (we know, lame, but we're easy to please). This North Carolina nectar is enjoyed all over the south and, thankfully, is carried by Court Street Grocers. It's cherry flavor evokes memories of ordering a Shirley Temple as a kid, which can now be enjoyed with more adult additions. With the Derby coming this weekend you've probably had your fill of mint julep variations, so we decided to make a simple, straightforward cocktail for the drinking class. Dubbed 'The Infield' (because we all know that's where the real party is) this simple two ingredient tippler has quickly become a staple at Red and Brown HQ. the-infield

The Infield Serves 1

2 ounces bourbon 4 ounces Cheerwine

In whatever glass you fancy add some ice (we prefer larger cubes so the drink doesn't dilute as quickly), the bourbon, and the Cheerwine. Stir gently, sip, and cross your fingers for a trifecta.