Fiddlehead-Brewing-Company-Hodad-PorterWe're sorry. We're sorry that we didn't post this sooner when we hit the Vermont Brewers Festival last month. We're sorry that by the time you read this you probably won't be able to find Hodad Porter (especially if you don't live in or near Shelburne, VT). We're sorry that you may or may not ever taste the best chocolate coconut porter we've ever had. Where other versions fail with either no detectable trace of coconut, or overwhelmingly fake flavors that make you feel like you're chugging Banana Boat tanning oil, the geniuses at Fiddlehead have managed to create a delicious, harmonious beer. The taste is well-balanced with a light roasted maltiness characteristic of a good porter that transitions into semi-sweet chocolate territory and finishes with a hint of toasted coconut and vanilla. If you were to drop an Mounds candy bar and a pint of porter into a blender this is what you'd get (beer candy, ahhhhhhh). Find an excuse to drive up to Vermont, or make friends with someone who lives there to try to get your hands on some. When asked if they were planning on distributing in NYC any time soon the woman we spoke with said "We can't even keep up with demand here," so if you don't get to taste any, well, we're sorry. --Red & Brown  

Fiddlehead Brewing Company Hodad Porter

Sold on tap and in 16 ounce cans

5.5% ABV

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