Westbrook-GoseRemember in June when you read all of those best-beers-of-summer lists and thought, "I can't wait to drink those awesome beers once it gets hot"? Now that it's hot and summer's days are numbered you're wondering where your lists went? Stop searching your inbox and just find some Westbrook Gose. Red & Brown HQ has been flush with sour beers this summer and Westbrook is one of the tops. The nose has light citrus notes with a briny backbone and some hints of yeast/wheat. The taste is sour (almost akin to taking a pickleback shot, minus the dill) with a coriander, herbal finish that lingers slightly. It's thirst quenching and each sip forces you to go back for more (twist our arms). At a low 4% ABV you should be able to have a few of these during a session, as long as your taste buds don't raise the white flag from so much sourness. A great foil for seafood and equally adept at cutting through fattier fare, we highly recommend finding a sixer before Labor Day hits. --Red & Brown  

Westbrook Gose

12 ounce cans

4% ABV

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