Other-Half-Brewing To say that Other Half Brewing Co. is my favorite brewery in NYC is like saying that it's hard to find a cab when it's raining; an obvious understatement. Though this spot just officially launched earlier this year it's quickly become a go-to brewery for me and many other beer lovers in New York. Their IPAs are top notch, and they've got a few other Belgian styles and seasonal offerings that are also excellent. It's hard to choose favorites but I'm particularly fond of their knock-you-on-your ass-only-have-a-coupleĀ All Green Everything, a 10.5% ABV triple IPA with a wonderful tropical nose and taste (pineapple and papayas). Their self-described "Super funky barnyard" Lembeek 86 Blonde is also a feat of great brewing. As advertised, it smells like a deliciously stinky cheese and has a taste that I can only describe as eating charcuterie while sitting on a bale of hay (not for everyone, but something Red and I would happily do all day). Other Half's recently-opened tasting room serves beers Thursday through Sunday, a point that I annoyingly remind Red of every time we pass by the Smith and 9th Street stop on weekends. The room itself is small, even by New York standards, but the flavors are big and there's nothing better than drinking a beer straight from the source. We highly recommend stopping by for a few next time you're in the neighborhood, and more high recommend making the pilgrimage if you're not. --Brown

Other Half Brewing Co.