Red & Brown Cocktail Menu
Red & Brown Cocktail Menu

When we started planning our wedding, it was of critical importance that we make this ultimate party on the same level of all of our parties we've thrown over the years: personal and fun. We are so excited to have our wedding photos and be able to share them with friends and family and wanted to share our 4 wedding cocktails, which Brown developed.

Weddings can be expensive and in order to save costs and be authentic to ourselves (we are a cocktail business) we went an alternate route; instead of a full bar or just one signature drink, we offered 4 "signature cocktails", plus 2 kinds of kegged beer and a red & white wine. For those of you wondering if any picky relatives complained or missed out on cranberry vodkas: our maple walnut old fashioned was gone after only an hour into the wedding and everyone remembers how memorable the bar was.

Here are our cocktails, straight from Red & Brown Get Married 11.15.14. Want to see more of our wedding? Check it out on Martha Stewart Weddings.

Classic Martini

Fall in Jalisco

Maple Walnut Old Fashioned

The Red Heron

If you're newly engaged, planning a wedding or are having another special event, we can help you develop a delicious, unique and cost-effective beverage program that all of your guests will remember for years to come. E-mail us for more information:  

Photo Credit: Keira Lemonis Photography 2015

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