We're guilty of letting our ambitions get the best of us from time to time, especially when it comes to throwing a party. Countless hours that could have been spent in the company of our friends have instead been wasted over hot stoves and deep fat fryers hoping to make a spread they wouldn't forget while missing the entire point of having people over. While there's a time and a place for elaborate party fare, the Super Bowl is not one of them. Hence, our Game Day Drinking Guide. If you're not sure what to have on Sunday, just check our handy chart below. 

For easy sipping beers that you can have a few of we recommend Miller High Life for your macro option, Founders All Day IPA for a more flavorful session beer, and Westbrook Gose for a low alcohol, tart option that will cut through the fatty foods you're probably gonna eat.

For boilermakers we like a simple beer and bourbon combo. Miller High Life and Evan Williams are our lower brow options here. Tecate and mezcal or aƱejo tequila are a nice way to mix it up too. If you want to go dark, try a rich oatmeal or milk stout with an amaro (we like Keegan's Mother's Milk with a shot of Amaro Montenegro)

If you want some simple cocktail ideas, we've got 24 two-ingredient drinks right here. Cheers and enjoy the game!