© Photo by Jake Brown

Nothing says summer like a s'mores around the campfire. We took this childhood favorite and adult-ed it up with some bourbon, because we want to have our dessert and drink it too. Orange County Distillery's Honey Bourbon provides a great base here with a little Campfire Syrup™ and some cacao liqueur to round out the flavor and take you back to your summer camp days.


Campfire Old Fashioned (makes 1 drink)

In a rocks glass add the Campfire syrup, cacao liqueur, and bitters and stir them together.

Add a large block of ice and pour in the bourbon. Stir 30 times and garnish with a toasted marshmallow.


Graham Cracker Infused Bourbon (makes enough for 4 drinks)

  • 10 oz Orange County Distillery Honey Bourbon
  • 4 graham crackers, crushed

In a non-reactive container with a lid add your bourbon and crushed graham crackers. Give everything a good stir, place the lid on and let the mixture sit overnight.

The next day, strain out the solids through a coffee filter or cheese cloth. Be sure to squeeze out every bit of bourbon you can; about an ounce or two will get absorbed by the crackers.